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Filance was founded in 2018 with a one goal in mind and that was to significantly close the wealth gap by providing affordable access to financial experts, knowledge, and resources. Everyone deserves equal access to resources that ensure a secure financial future without over paying for those resources. Filance was created to give everyday people the same access to financial advising as those at the top.

A typical contract with a professional advisor can be costly when considering retainer and other fees, and we know that the average American family cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars just for financial advice. That is where Filance is different. There are no retainer fees to use our services. Only pay for the services needed.

At Filance, we genuinely care about our customers. Our competitors serve business owners and large corporations, but our services are created for the everyday American. We focus on people, not companies. Our team aims to make a positive difference in the lives of ordinary people, and it shows through our on-demand platform.

By providing on-demand financial help, individuals across all income levels have access to certified, knowledgeable, and compassionate financial professionals regardless of whether it is hectic tax season or sometime in between. Our platform gives you the ability to simply say, “I need help,” and someone will always be there for you.

Filance helps your family eliminate financial mistakes, make smarter monetary decisions, feel confident about your bank account, and learn valuable financial knowledge in the process.

We understand, and we are here for you through it all.



Our vision is to narrow the wealth gap in America across all socioeconomic groups through access to professionals and financial education


We are on a mission to create more financially stable families, regardless of an individual or family’s income level or location



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